The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


Origin Definition

Origin refers to the country or region where coffee is grown. In speciality coffee, the term "origin" evokes images of picturesque landscapes, mountains, and lush green valleys, where bright red coffee cherries are carefully handpicked. It's a romantic word that holds a deeper meaning beyond its simple definition. Understanding the concept of origin and its role in coffee quality and taste is important for coffee roasters, buyers, and industry professionals. It also helps to appreciate the diversity and complexity of coffee as a product that is grown in many different regions, each with its own unique characteristics and flavour profiles.

Explained in simple terms so everyone can understand

The origin of coffee is the place where coffee trees are grown. It's like where apples come from, they come from apple trees in certain places like Washington or New York. Coffee comes from different places like Colombia or Ethiopia, each place has different types of coffee that taste different. The origin of coffee is important because it tells us where the coffee came from and how it was grown.
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