The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Aceh District
Aceh, north of Sumatra, produces classic Sumatra coffee centered around Takengon by Lake Tawar. Aceh, is pronounced "Ah-Chay".
What is the acidity of the coffee?
An Aeropress is a coffee brewing device that resembles a syringe
After-dinner Roast
After-dinner Roast refers to a type of coffee that is meant to complement desserts served after dinner.
Agronomy is the branch of agricultural science that deals with the study of crops and soils in order to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability.
Agtron Spectrophotometers
Agtron spectrophotometers are specialized instruments used in the coffee industry to measure the color of roasted coffee beans.
Altitude in coffee refers to the elevation or height at which the coffee is grown.
Ambient Temperature
The term "ambient temperature" in coffee refers to the temperature of the surrounding air or environment where coffee is being roasted, stored, or brewed
Blender coffees are those that are commonly used as a component in coffee blends.
The C-Market, also known as the "coffee market" is the global exchange where coffee is traded as a commodity on a daily basis.
Certification is a process of third-party verification and documentation that confirms that a certain set of standards have been met
Cupping is the standardized process of evaluating and describing the taste of coffee.
Differential refers to the difference in cost between a specific green coffee and the floor price for green coffee on the C-Market.
Grain Pro
GrainPro is a brand of hermetic polyethene green coffee bag liner that is commonly used to protect green coffee
Origin refers to the country or region where coffee is grown.
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