The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Grain Pro

Grain Pro Definition

GrainPro is a brand of hermetic polyethene green coffee bag liner that is commonly used to protect green coffee from mold, external aromas, and tastes, as well as resist certain insect infestations during transportation and storage. The use of bag liners like GrainPro is an effective method for preserving the quality and freshness of green coffee during its journey from the origin to the roaster. Understanding the importance of proper storage and transportation of green coffee and the role of products like GrainPro is essential for coffee roasters, buyers, and logistics professionals.

Explained in simple terms so everyone can understand

GrainPro is a special kind of bag that helps keep the coffee fresh and safe when it's being transported. It's like a special wrapper for the coffee, it keeps the candy from getting old or having a bad smell. This helps ensure that the coffee that arrives at the roasters is of good quality and taste.
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