The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


Cupping Definition

Cupping is the standardized process of evaluating and describing the taste of coffee. It is also known as "cup testing" and involves slurping coffee from a spoon and evaluating various attributes of the coffee using industry standards. Cupping can be used in multiple ways, such as evaluating the quality of green coffee, quality assurance in roasting operations, exploring flavor components in blend development, or determining optimal roast development. Understanding the cupping process and its role in evaluating and describing the taste of coffee is important for coffee industry professionals, roasters, and consumers alike.

Explained in simple terms so everyone can understand

Cupping is when people taste coffee in a special way to figure out how it tastes. They use a spoon to drink it and then they use special rules to describe the taste. They do this to check if the coffee is good, to make sure the coffee is made well, to find the best way to mix different types of coffee together or to figure out the best way to roast the coffee.
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