The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


Blender in the coffee industry

Blender coffees are those that are commonly used as a component in coffee blends. They can be thought of as the foundation of a blend, providing a consistent and neutral flavor profile that serves as the base for more distinct blend components. These coffees are often created by blending different single-origin green coffees together. As blends are often the top-selling coffees for established roasters, blenders are purchased in large quantities and tend to be more affordable. Understanding the role of blender coffees in coffee blends is important for coffee roasters and consumers alike.

A simple explanation so everyone can understand

A blender coffee is a type of coffee that is often mixed with other types of coffee to make a special taste. It's like the main part of a band, it helps make the other parts of the band sound good. Blender coffee usually tastes normal and the same every time. A lot of people like to buy blends because they taste good and they are also cheaper.
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