The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Ambient Temperature

What does ambient temperature mean in coffee?

The term "ambient temperature" in coffee refers to the temperature of the surrounding air or environment where coffee is being roasted, stored, or brewed. It can affect the quality of the coffee beans and the final taste of the brewed coffee. For example, if the ambient temperature is too high during roasting, it can lead to uneven roasting and scorched beans. Similarly, if the ambient temperature is too low during brewing, it can result in under-extracted coffee with a weak taste. Therefore, it is important to control the ambient temperature during various stages of coffee production to achieve the desired quality and taste.

Ambient temperature explained in simple terms

"Ambient temperature" refers to the temperature of the air around us, in the room or outside. When we talk about coffee, we may need to control or pay attention to the ambient temperature to make sure the coffee stays fresh or is brewed properly. If it's too hot or too cold, it can affect the taste and quality of the coffee.
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