The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Agtron Spectrophotometers

What is an Agtron spectrophotometers are and why they are used in the coffee industry?

Agtron spectrophotometers are specialized instruments used in the coffee industry to measure the color of roasted coffee beans. The Agtron system was developed by the Agtron Corporation, and it is now widely used in the coffee industry to measure the roast degree and consistency of coffee beans.
In simple terms, Agtron spectrophotometers work by shining a beam of light through a sample of coffee beans and measuring how much of that light is absorbed by the beans. The more light that is absorbed, the darker the beans appear. The Agtron system assigns a numerical value to the color of the coffee beans, ranging from 0 (darkest) to 100 (lightest).
The use of Agtron spectrophotometers is important in the coffee industry because it allows coffee roasters and buyers to measure and standardize the roast degree of coffee beans. This is important for consistency and quality control, as well as for determining the appropriate pricing of different types of coffee beans.
Furthermore, the Agtron system can be used to compare the color and roast degree of different coffee beans and blends, allowing for more precise and accurate blending and quality control. Overall, Agtron spectrophotometers are an essential tool in the coffee industry for ensuring consistent and high-quality coffee production.
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