The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

SPOT Coffee

SPOT Coffee Definition

Spot coffee refers to the green coffee that is currently available for immediate purchase and stored in a warehouse for shipment. The term "spot" historically referred to coffee that was available for trading on the spot, where brokers conducted street trading for actual coffee rather than trading contracts. Today, it means that the coffee is ready to be purchased and shipped to the buyer as soon as the order is placed. This gives coffee roasters and buyers the opportunity to purchase fresh coffee and have it delivered quickly.

SPOT Coffee explained in simple terms so everyone can understand

Spot coffee is like finding a product in a store that you can buy and take home right away. It's coffee that is currently available for purchase and stored in a warehouse. It's similar to going to a store and finding an item you've been looking for in stock, so you can buy it immediately and take it home. It's different from pre-ordering an item or waiting for it to be shipped to the store.
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