The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Delivery Order (DO)

Delivery Order Definition

A Delivery Order (DO) is a document that authorizes the release of coffee from the warehouse to the buyer or new owner. It is issued by the importer and serves as permission for the warehouse to release the coffee for pickup, transportation or shipping. Whether the coffee is picked up by the buyer, a carrier, or shipped with the assistance of the importer, the warehouse needs a Delivery Order to release the coffee to the new owner. Understanding the role of Delivery Order in coffee logistics and supply chain management is important for coffee roasters, buyers and logistics professionals.

Explained in simple terms

A Delivery Order (DO) is like a permission slip to take the coffee away from the warehouse. It's a paper that says the coffee can be given to the person who bought it. The warehouse needs this permission slip to give the coffee to the new owner, whether they pick it up themselves, hire someone else to pick it up or ask your importer to help ship it.
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