The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Container Load

What is a Container Load of Coffee?

A container is a big box that is used to ship things all over the world. It is usually moved by truck, train, or ship. When it comes to coffee, a common container is called a "container load" which is 20 feet long and can hold around 275-325 bags of coffee. That's about 19,200 tonnes (40,000 lbs) of coffee.
Exact figures will vary slightly depending on the organization or people “stuffing” (loading) the container.

Container Load explained in simple terms

A container is like a big box that is used to move things, like coffee, from one place to another by truck, train or ship. The container is usually filled with a lot of bags of coffee and it is called a container load. It is like a big package of coffee being shipped to a store or a roaster.
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