The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

St.Helena Green Tipped Bourbon

What is St.Helena Green Tipped Bourbon?

St.Helena Green Tipped Bourbon is a historically significant coffee varietal known for its purity and unique flavour profile. This varietal has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century.
  • Arrival on St. Helena: On February 10, 1733, Green Tipped Bourbon coffee seeds were brought to the remote island of St. Helena. These seeds traveled an impressive distance of 5,763 nautical miles from the Red Sea port of Mocha in Yemen.
  • Isolation and Purity: Due to the island's extreme isolation, this strain of 18th-century Arabica has remained undiluted and pure, preserving its original characteristics.
Cultural Significance:
  • Napoleon Bonaparte: The famed French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled on St. Helena. He is reported to have said, "The best thing about St. Helena is the coffee," highlighting the exceptional quality of the island's coffee.
Key Characteristics:
  • Varietal Type: Arabica
  • Unique Traits: Undiluted and pure strain due to isolation
Conclusion: Green Tipped Bourbon is not just a coffee varietal but a piece of coffee history. Its journey from Yemen to St. Helena and its preservation over centuries make it a treasured and unique addition to the world of coffee.
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