The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Ruiru 11

What is the Ruiru 11 coffee varietal?

Ruiru 11 is a coffee varietal that was developed in the 1970s at the Ruiru station in Kenya and released in 1986. It is a hybrid of Hibrido de Timor, Rume Sudan, SL-28, SL-34 and K-7. Hibrido de Timor is a cross between Arabica and Robusta, and is resistant to Coffee Leaf Rust. Rume Sudan is an original coffee strain that is resistant to CBD, or Coffee Berry Disease. SL-28 and SL-34 are two other coffee varietals that were added to the mix due to the poor cup character of the early tests.
Ruiru 11 is known for its high Robusta content, which is still an issue today. This high Robusta content affects the cup character of the coffee, and it does not match the quality of the SL types. The Ruiru 11 varietal is known for its high yields and resistance to disease, making it a popular choice for farmers in Kenya.
Ruiru 11 is a popular varietal in Kenya, and is used in many blends. It is also used in some single origin coffees, although its Robusta content can affect the cup character. It is a hardy varietal that is resistant to disease and produces high yields, making it a popular choice for farmers.
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