The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

F1 Hybrids

What is the F1 Hybrids coffee varietal?

F1 Hybrids are a type of coffee varietal created by the World Coffee Research organisation. They are the result of crossing two genetically distinct parents, creating a first-generation hybrid. F1 Hybrids are designed to produce high yields and have a strong resilience to disease, making them a potential solution to the challenges of rising temperatures, limited land space for growth, and new diseases.
F1 Hybrids are not without their challenges. They require in-depth education for farmers, as well as increased nutrition, in order to be successful. Additionally, the genetic diversity of F1 Hybrids is limited, meaning that they are not as diverse as traditional varieties.
Despite these challenges, F1 Hybrids offer a glimpse of the future of speciality coffee. They are a potential solution to the challenges of climate change and disease, and could help to safeguard farmers’ livelihoods. As such, F1 Hybrids are an important part of the coffee industry, and are worth exploring further.
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