The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What is the Caturra coffee varietal?

Caturra is an Arabica cultivar of coffee that was discovered in Brazil in 1937. It is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety, and is known for its good yield potential. It is a popular variety in Colombia and Central America, and is known for its good cup characteristics.
Caturra is a relatively small coffee tree, with a compact growth habit and short branches. It is a hardy variety, but is not well suited to the growing conditions in Brazil due to its lack of hardness and tendency to produce too much fruit in three to four production cycles.
At higher altitudes, the quality of Caturra coffee increases, but production decreases. It is a variety that requires extensive care and fertilization in order to produce the best results.
Caturra is known for its good cup quality, and is said to have a more citric acidity and lighter body than Bourbon. It is a popular variety for specialty coffee, and is often used in blends to add complexity and depth of flavor.
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