The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Anacafe 14

What is Anacafe 14 Coffee?

Anacafe 14 is a coffee varietal that was developed by the National Coffee Association of Guatemala (Anacafe) in 2014. It is a hybrid of the Catimor and Pacamara coffee plants, which were crossbred to produce a plant with high-quality coffee beans and resistance to coffee leaf rust disease.
The Catimor-Pacamara hybrid is a spontaneous hybrid that was further developed by Anacafe to increase its productivity. The result was Anacafe 14, which is now widely cultivated in Guatemala and other coffee-growing regions around the world.
One of the key features of Anacafe 14 is its resistance to coffee leaf rust disease, which has been a major problem for coffee growers in recent years. This resistance is due to the genetic makeup of the plant, which includes a combination of genes from both the Catimor and Pacamara plants.
Anacafe 14 is also known for its high productivity and quality coffee beans. The plant produces large, uniform beans that have a high level of sweetness and acidity. This makes it an attractive choice for coffee growers who are looking for a plant that can produce high-quality coffee beans in large quantities.
Overall, Anacafe 14 is a significant development in the world of coffee growing, as it provides growers with a plant that is both productive and resistant to disease. As a result, it has become an important varietal in many coffee-growing regions, and is likely to continue to be an important part of the coffee industry for years to come.
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