The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What are Alkaloid’s?

In the context of cupping coffee, an alkaloid refers to a group of chemical compounds found naturally in coffee that contribute to its flavour and aroma. One of the most well-known alkaloids in coffee is caffeine, but there are many others as well, such as trigonelline and theobromine. These alkaloids can give coffee its bitterness, sweetness, or other unique characteristics. During coffee cupping, tasters can analyze the presence and amount of various alkaloids in a coffee sample to help determine its quality and taste.

Alkaloid explained in simple terms

Alkaloids are natural compounds found in plants, including coffee plants. They are known for their ability to affect the human body in various ways, such as providing a feeling of energy or altering mood. Some alkaloids found in coffee include caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. These compounds contribute to the unique taste and effects of coffee when consumed.
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