The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What does “aftertaste” mean?

In the context of cupping coffees, "aftertaste" refers to the flavours or sensations that linger in the mouth after swallowing or spitting out the coffee. It's the taste that you continue to experience even after the coffee has left your mouth.
Aftertaste is an important part of coffee evaluation, as it can give you more information about the coffee's flavor profile. For example, you might taste fruity or floral notes during the initial taste, but then experience a more lingering, bitter aftertaste. Or, you might taste a chocolatey, nutty flavor during the initial taste, but then experience a sweeter, smoother aftertaste. Paying attention to aftertaste can help you develop a more complete understanding of a coffee's flavor profile and quality.

Aftertaste explained in simple terms

"Aftertaste" is like the flavour that stays in your mouth after you swallow or spit out your coffee. It's like when you eat something and you can still taste it in your mouth after you finish it. It's the same with coffee! The aftertaste is important because it can tell you more about what the coffee tastes like.
Just like how you might taste a lollipop and it's really sweet at first, but then it becomes less sweet as you keep eating it, the same thing happens with coffee. The aftertaste can be different from the first taste, and it can help you understand more about the coffee's flavor.
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