The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Vacuum Packaging

In Coffee, what is Vacuum Packing?

Vacuum packaging in coffee cultivation and processing refers to the process of sealing coffee in an airtight container and removing air via vacuum to extend shelf life. This process can be used for both green coffee and roasted coffee. Many coffee roasters use vacuum packing behind the scenes to preserve their coffee and extend its shelf life by at least six months. However, vacuum packing is not a cure-all solution and does not allow coffee to be stored indefinitely. The effectiveness of vacuum packing depends on the initial quality of the coffee, its water activity measurement, and storage conditions. If the coffee has low water activity and is stored in a cool, dark place, vacuum packing can significantly increase the shelf life of the coffee.
Vacuum packing is widely used in the coffee industry to preserve the freshness of green coffee during transportation and storage. Coffee is often received from the origin in vacuum packs or GrainPro bags and then switched into vacuum packs to offer at a later date. While vacuum packing is not a replacement for proper storage and handling, it can be a useful tool for coffee roasters and importers looking to extend the shelf life of their coffee.
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