The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Shade Grown

What is Shade Grown coffee?

Shade grown refers to coffee that is cultivated under a canopy of trees or other types of vegetation. The shade helps to protect the coffee plants from excessive exposure to the sun, which can cause stress and damage. Shade grown coffee is often associated with sustainable agriculture practices, as it can provide habitat for wildlife and promote biodiversity. However, the term "shade grown" is not regulated or certified, which means that the quality of the shade can vary greatly between farms.
Some shade grown coffee may be grown under trees that are too tall or too sparse to provide adequate protection, while others may be grown in a more diverse and ecologically rich environment. The specific type of shade used can also affect the quality and taste of the coffee. For example, coffee grown under a canopy of fruit trees may have a sweeter, more complex flavour profile than coffee grown under a simple layer of foliage. As such, it is important for coffee consumers to research the specific shade growing practices of a coffee farm or region in order to fully understand the quality and sustainability of the product.
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