The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What does Rioy mean?

Rioy is a term used to describe a lower-quality coffee that has been affected by over-ripening on the coffee plant. It is the result of prolonged enzyme activity when coffee beans remain in the fruit and the fruit dries on the shrub. Rioy coffee is usually associated with natural processed coffees grown in Brazil. The Brazilian coffee grading system ranks coffees from the highest quality to the lowest as Strictly Soft, Soft, "Soft-ish," Hard (+1, +2), Riado, Rioy, and Rio Zona. Rioy coffee is considered to be of lower quality than Riado coffee, which is also affected by over-ripening but to a lesser degree. Rioy coffee typically has a less complex flavour profile and may exhibit defects such as uneven roasting, off flavours, or sourness. As a result, it is typically sold at a lower price point than higher-quality coffees. While some coffee roasters may choose to blend Rioy coffee with higher-quality beans to create a more balanced flavour profile, others may choose to avoid it altogether in favour of higher-quality options.
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