The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What does Resting mean?

Resting is a crucial step in coffee processing and can refer to two different stages. The first is the time after drying the parchment coffee, known as "reposo," where it is held for 30-60 days to stabilize and promote longevity. This stage occurs before the processing or removal of the parchment, and coffee that is not rested in this way will quickly lose quality. The second stage occurs after home roasting a batch, where coffee needs to rest for 12-24 hours to allow C0-2 to dissipate and for certain characteristics, such as body, to develop. For some espresso coffees, a rest of 3-5 days may be required. Resting is essential to ensure that coffee reaches its full potential in terms of flavour and quality, and failure to allow for proper resting can result in underdeveloped flavours and premature aging of the coffee.
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