The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Pulping Machine

What is a Pulping Machine?

A pulping machine is a piece of equipment used in the wet processing method of coffee production. It is designed to remove the outer fruit layer, or pulp, from the coffee cherry, leaving behind the coffee beans or seeds. The machine typically consists of a rotating drum with protruding metal bars or paddles that crush and press the cherries against a perforated screen or plate. This action breaks open the cherries and separates the pulp from the beans.
There are several different types of pulping machines available, ranging from small hand-cranked models to large electrically powered units. The most common type of pulper is the drum pulper, which uses a knuckled, rotating drum to press the cherries against an iron faceplate. As the drum rotates, the pulp is separated from the beans and sent to a separate channel for disposal. The beans then pass through a series of channels and screens to remove any remaining pulp and debris before being sent for further processing.
Pulping machines are an important part of the wet processing method and are used in most coffee-producing countries around the world. They help to ensure that the coffee beans are separated from the fruit quickly and efficiently, which can help to maintain the quality and flavor of the final product. However, improper use or maintenance of the pulper can also lead to quality issues, so it is important to use the machine correctly and keep it well-maintained.
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