The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Peak Of Harvest

What is the Peak Of Harvest?

Peak of harvest refers to the period during coffee production where the highest percentage of mature cherry is harvested from coffee trees. This period typically occurs in the middle of the crop when the higher altitudes mature, and pickers bring in fewer under-ripe green cherries. The most dense, slow-to-mature cherries are included in the harvest, which can result in better quality coffee. However, other problems can arise during this period, such as too much coffee cherry, which can negatively impact the quality of the coffee. It's important to note that it's not always true that mid-harvest coffee is better, and the very first and last pickings may not yield good results. The peak of harvest can vary depending on the coffee-producing origin, and conditions such as weather and pest infestations can also affect the timing and quality of the harvest. Coffee producers must carefully manage the harvesting process to ensure that only mature cherries are picked and that the coffee is processed in a timely manner to maintain quality.
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