The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What is Patio-Drying?

Patio-drying is a traditional method of drying coffee beans after they have been processed, which involves spreading them out on a paved or brick patio to dry in the sun. This process is slow and gentle compared to mechanical drying techniques and allows for the development of more nuanced and complex flavours in the beans. During the process, the coffee is raked regularly to ensure even drying from top to bottom. It is important to note that while patio-drying is a traditional method, it is not necessarily superior to other methods of drying coffee. In fact, it can be susceptible to weather-related issues such as rain or humidity, which can cause uneven drying and mould growth. Screen-drying on raised "beds" is a newer and more controlled method of drying coffee that allows for greater air movement and even drying. Ultimately, the drying method used will depend on various factors including the climate, the type of coffee, and the desired flavour profile. Coffee professionals should understand the benefits and limitations of different drying methods in order to make informed decisions during the processing stage.
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