The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What is Parchment?

In coffee processing, parchment refers to the outer shell of green coffee that remains after the coffee has been harvested and processed. Parchment coffee is coffee beans that are still in this outer shell, which is removed during dry milling. During wet processing, coffee is peeled, fermented, washed and then dried, and in the end, the outer shell of the coffee remains intact. It is important that parchment coffee is rested for 30-60 days before it is dry milled and ready for export, as this resting period allows for a better flavour development.
Parchment coffee is typically stored in a dry, cool place with good airflow to prevent any unwanted moisture build-up, which could negatively impact the flavour and quality of the coffee. In Spanish, parchment coffee is referred to as pergamino. Once the parchment is removed during dry milling, the beans are considered "green coffee," which is the raw material used by coffee roasters to create the coffee that we drink.
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