The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What is a Micro-Mill?

In coffee cultivation and processing, a Micro-Mill refers to a small-scale, farm-specific coffee producer who processes and mills their own coffee lots separately. This allows for complete control over the entire process, from cherry selection to drying, and results in a unique and high-quality coffee product. Micro-Mills have gained popularity in recent years, particularly in regions like Costa Rica where farmers historically belonged to large cooperative mills or sold their harvest to big mills. With scaled-down equipment from companies like Penagos or Pinhalense, farmers of modest size can now create small micro-lots with distinct flavours and characteristics. The trend towards Micro-Mills has enabled small farmers to gain more control over the quality of their coffee and command higher prices for their unique products. By processing their own coffee, they can also experiment with different techniques and processing methods, leading to innovative and exceptional coffee offerings. Ultimately, the concept of Micro-Mills represents a shift towards more artisanal, hands-on coffee production, and allows for greater transparency and traceability in the coffee supply chain.
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