The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Mechanical Dryer

What is a Mechanical Dryer?

Mechanical drying is a method of drying coffee beans that uses mechanical equipment to remove moisture from the beans. It is typically used as an alternative to sun-drying when weather conditions are unfavorable or when there is not enough space on the patio for all of the coffee. Mechanical dryers come in different types, including drum dryers and vertical dryers.
The drum dryer, also known as a Guardiola, is a type of mechanical dryer that is considered superior to other types of mechanical dryers, such as vertical dryers. It works by rotating a perforated drum that holds the coffee beans while hot air is blown through the drum, extracting moisture from the beans.
While mechanical drying is a convenient and fast method of drying coffee, it is generally not considered as good as sun-drying coffee. This is because the heat from the mechanical drying process can alter the flavor of the beans, resulting in a loss of complexity and nuance in the cup. Additionally, the use of mechanical dryers can be more expensive than sun-drying, and the equipment can be more difficult to maintain.
In summary, mechanical dryers are used to dry coffee beans when sun-drying is not feasible, but they are generally considered to be a less desirable option due to the potential for altering the flavor of the beans. The drum dryer, or Guardiola, is considered to be the superior type of mechanical dryer.
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