The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


In coffee processing, what is hulling?

Hulling is an important step in coffee processing that involves removing the parchment shell from the green coffee beans. After the coffee has been dried, it is brought to the dry mill where the hulling process takes place. The hulling machine uses friction and pressure to strip away the parchment layer from the beans, leaving behind the green coffee beans that are ready for sorting, grading, and packaging.
Hulling can be done using different methods depending on the country and region. In some areas, such as Indonesia, a wet hulled process is used where the parchment layer is removed while the coffee still has high moisture content. However, the traditional method of hulling is a dry method which involves allowing the coffee to fully dry before removing the parchment.
Hulling is a crucial step in the coffee production process as it impacts the quality and taste of the final product. If the beans are not hulled properly, it can lead to defects such as broken beans, shells in the final product, and an inconsistent roast. Therefore, it is important for coffee producers to pay close attention to the hulling process and use reliable equipment to ensure that the coffee beans are properly hulled.
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