The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Density Sorting

What is Density Sorting?

Density sorting is a process used in the dry milling stage of coffee production to separate high-quality, dense coffee beans from lower-quality, less dense beans. This is achieved by running the coffee beans across a vibrating density table, which causes denser beans to move to the top and less dense beans to move to the bottom. This process is important because denser beans tend to have better flavor and are less likely to be damaged or underdeveloped. The density table is often referred to as an Oliver table and is a key tool in ensuring the quality of the final product. There are also air-based sorters, but they are less effective than the Oliver table. By removing the less dense beans, coffee producers can ensure that only the highest quality beans are used in the final product, leading to a better cup of coffee for consumers. Overall, density sorting is an important step in the processing of coffee and is crucial in maintaining the quality and consistency of the final product.
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