The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Current Crop

What does the Current Crop mean?

In the coffee industry, "current crop" refers to the most recent harvest of coffee beans that have been processed and made available for sale. This means that the coffee is fresh and has been recently harvested, typically within the last year. Coffee beans that are labeled as "current crop" are highly sought after because they are considered to have the best flavour and aroma due to their freshness.
It's important to note that even though a coffee is labeled as "current crop," it does not necessarily mean that it was harvested in the current year. Coffee beans are often harvested at different times of the year depending on the location and climate of the growing region, so a coffee labeled as "current crop" could have been harvested up to a year ago.
Additionally, "current crop" does not necessarily mean that the coffee is of high quality or that it is the best coffee available. Other factors such as growing conditions, processing methods, and storage can all impact the flavour and quality of the coffee. However, in general, coffee roasters and buyers will prioritise purchasing "current crop" coffee because it is likely to have the best flavour and aroma due to its freshness.
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