The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Coffee Harvest

What is the Coffee Harvest?

Coffee harvest is the process of picking ripe coffee cherries from the coffee trees. It is typically done by hand, and it is essential to pick only the ripe cherries, as they will produce the highest quality coffee. The coffee cherries are usually harvested once a year, although in some regions, multiple harvests may be possible.
Harvesting coffee is a labor-intensive process that requires careful attention to detail. Experienced pickers can identify the ripe cherries by their color and texture, and they must be careful not to damage the trees or the surrounding vegetation. Once the cherries are picked, they are sorted to remove any defective or underripe cherries, which could negatively impact the quality of the final product.
In some regions, mechanical harvesting methods are used, which can be faster and more efficient than hand picking. However, mechanical harvesting can also result in a higher percentage of underripe or overripe cherries being harvested, which can affect the quality of the coffee.
The timing of the harvest can also impact the flavor of the coffee. Coffee cherries picked earlier in the season tend to produce a brighter, more acidic flavor profile, while those picked later in the season can have a richer, more full-bodied flavor. Proper harvesting techniques and timing are essential to producing high-quality coffee.
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