The Ultimate Coffee Glossary

Coffee Berry Borer (CBB)

What is the coffee berry borer?

The Coffee Berry Borer (CBB), also known as Broca in Latin America, is a destructive pest that burrows into the coffee cherry and feeds on the coffee bean. The female beetle lays eggs inside the coffee cherry, and the larvae feed on the bean, damaging its quality and flavour. CBB infestations can result in significant yield losses and affect the livelihoods of coffee farmers.
Preventing and managing CBB infestations is essential for maintaining the quality and sustainability of coffee production. Integrated pest management (IPM) practices that combine cultural, biological, and chemical control methods can effectively reduce CBB populations. These practices include pruning infected branches, removing infected cherries, maintaining shade cover, and using natural enemies such as predators and parasites. Chemical control methods can also be used, but with caution, as they can have negative impacts on the environment and human health.
The spread of CBB can be prevented through careful sanitation practices and the use of traps to monitor and control populations. Planting resistant varieties of coffee can also help to reduce the vulnerability of coffee crops to CBB infestations. Awareness and education among coffee farmers and other stakeholders are crucial for preventing the spread of CBB and protecting the sustainability of coffee production.
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