The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What does Cajuela mean?

In coffee cultivation and processing, the term "cajuela" refers to a standard volume measurement used in Costa Rica to measure coffee cherry. A Cajuela can be either a box or a basket and has a standard size that is used to ensure consistency in measuring the volume of coffee cherry. Typically, one Cajuela can result in about 1.5 kilos of green coffee. Coffee pickers in Costa Rica are often paid based on the number of Cajuelas they pick per day, with a skilled picker able to harvest around 15 Cajuelas per day.
The use of Cajuelas in coffee harvesting and processing is important for ensuring consistent and accurate measurements of coffee cherry volume. This, in turn, allows for more precise tracking of coffee yields and quality, as well as facilitating fair payment for coffee pickers based on their productivity. The use of standardized measurements like Cajuelas is just one example of the many ways in which attention to detail and quality control are essential in the coffee production process.
Overall, a thorough understanding of the concept of Cajuelas can be valuable for coffee roasters, importers, and other professionals involved in the coffee industry, as it provides insight into the key metrics and standards used in coffee cultivation and processing.
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