The Ultimate Coffee Glossary


What does Asalan mean?

Asalan is a term used in Indonesian coffee regions to describe green coffee that has been hulled, dried, and is ready to be sold to an exporter. The term is particularly used in North Sumatra and Aceh regions of Indonesia, where coffee production is a significant source of income for local farmers. Asalan coffee has been processed and is in its final stage before exportation, and is typically sold to coffee importers who then roast the beans and sell them to coffee shops or consumers.
Asalan coffee from Indonesia is known for its unique flavors and aroma, which are influenced by the local growing conditions and processing techniques. Many coffee importers and roasters seek out Asalan coffee from specific regions of Indonesia for its high quality and unique flavor profiles. The Aceh region, in particular, is known for producing high-quality Arabica coffee beans that are often used in specialty coffee blends.
In addition to the quality of the beans, the Asalan process also has a significant economic impact on local farmers and coffee producers. By selling Asalan coffee, farmers can receive a fair price for their beans and can invest in their farms and communities. Asalan coffee also plays an important role in the Indonesian coffee industry, as it is a key source of income for many coffee producers and is an essential component of the country's coffee exports.
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